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Cristello started to reach a huge chunk of the Indian Population by taking care of their daily personal care. It is a known fact that India has a few hand-full of brands to rely on when it comes to Beauty, Cosmetics & Skin Care. Now, we are here to fill the Gap. With Experience comes Expertise, so the tagline - (Designed by Dermatologists) - Better Serve with Better Quality for those who Deserve Better


When it all started? It started taking its shape at an expense of a lot of such groundbreaking ideas.
Naming such a brand which has a lot of expectations ate up most of the time, finally one fine day we came up with the name Cristello! Which means Unique and Distinct.


As a new and young brand, we didn’t have much to do to establish everything from the scratch in this Cosmetic sector as we had an experience of 25+ years in Clinical Dermatology.
But, we as a Cosmetic brand had a lot of competition Online which was to be overcome. Then we started exploring the online market which was already over populated with many brands, and we started digging deep into these brands and found out that they had lot of pros and cons in many aspects where we wanted our products not to be one among them. So, we decided to involve our best of the best dermatologists with the legacy of treating over a million happy skins who knew what is best for you.


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